Ameya is recognised within the industry for their reknowned reputation in consultancy and product knowledge.

From conception to realisation, Ameya provide tailored solutions, appropriate to the budget and and particular requirements of their clients.

Of equal importance, Ameya places the power of choice into the hands of the client, by simplifying technical jargon into simple and understandable language.

Ameya design, plan, build, install and maintain all technological solutions integral to the project. By addressing their core needs, such as systems integration. Our clients preserve their capital
and time, without wastage on unnecessary and sometimes costly interfaces.


Architectural Design

The company has worked with some of the best Architects and Civil engineers in construction and pride themselves on providing the latest innovative solutions in building design, reducing construction costs and building times to previously unheard of economies of scale.

Project Management

A large proportion of our work necessitates project management and a wealth of experience awaits our clients.

Knowledge and understanding of the idiosyncracies typical to the industry. In particular, the necessity to ensure that all systems be they hardware or software function in real time prior to the opening date.

Installation and Programming

A reliable and effective service evidenced by our satisfied clients and honed by working with the highest standard of products
in an international arena. Our globally referenced installations, are carried out in time honored efficiency by our highly skilled team of engineers.

Our software and technical engineers are unrivalled in their ability to provide the highest level of advice and technical solutions.

Maintenance, Support and Training

Experience and care are paramount in tailoring maintenance contracts to the requirements of the customer. Where necessary a 24hr hotline or online support, provides further reassurance.

Following the launch of the Brand, Ameya adds further support in the form of staff training seminars and revenue management orientation.