Vingcard are the world leaders in security locks to the hospitality industry. Their products, such as their RFID lock that also enables access via a mobile phone, remains at the cutting edge of this essential technology in the industry.

Leaders in traditional magstripe and offline systems, Vingcard has the largest range of products, available to every size of hospitality provider, be they a large resort or an individually designed boutique hotel.

Their revolutionary , "Visionline" allows for total control from one central location. When necessary, cancelling guest and staff keycards with one click. This, combined with the ability to send and receive important information via SMS text or e mail allows for the most streamlined solution available in the market to date.

As a global company, with over 6.5 million locks installed worldwide and successfully providing exceptional support, for the last 23 years in Austria. In uncertain economic times they are the leading electronic lock company of choice in the world.

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Elsafe offers electronic hotel safes for the hospitality industry

When security counts, you can count on Elsafe hotel safes!

Elsafe is dedicated to provide electronic hotel safes to the hospitality industry including: guestroom safes, with both digital-, and RFID- technology. Elsafe hotel safes give hotels peace of mind.

RFID Tracking/CCTV

In addition to providing the latest cutting edge technology in CCTV.

Ameya offers the only RFID tracking device that fully integrates with your CCTV system.

Using real time GPRS to locate, capture and video movement, of your most valuable documents and assets. An untraceable tag placed on these items, will when moved, initiate an instant alert, sent via text or E mail and tracking via CCTV.

The system is invaluable in the prevention of "shringkage" and providing security for company property.

Digital Viewfinder

The viewer is an innovative product designed to replace peephole door viewers with an electronic video system delivering on-demand, high quality images.

It provides an expanded field of view from a comfortable viewing distance.
It is quick and easy to install into new constructions or retrofitted to existing doors and requires no external wiring.

The 5.6 inch LCD monitor mounts on the inside of the door and provides a large, clear view. The high resolution color camera is mounted into the door and delivers a sharp image in all lighting levels and even works through screen and glass storm doors.

By simply pressing a button, a live video image of the entire area outside of the door is displayed on the monitor. It installs in just a few minutes providing security and maintaining guest privacy.