Company Profile

Ameya GmbH is the specialist solution provider to the hospitality industry in Europe with a number of partners throughout the CEE region. An established presence within particularly the 4 and 5 star hotel sector, avails the company of a highly respected reputation amongst their customers and peers.

The company is the exclusive distributor for a number of unrivalled, high end products that subscribe to the latest advancements in, among others, proximity technology.

As a single source provider for all systems, we have the experience and resources to handle the industry’s demand, for state-of-the-art technology with seamless traditional and wireless functionality.

We are recognised within the industry for our reknowned reputation in consultancy and uncompromising attention to detail.



As expected, most of the products represented are international leaders in their field of technology. Ameya also welcomes the challenges presented to their in-house engineers to design and produce bespoke solutions both in software and hardware for individual clients. This includes tailored systems technology for Spas and resorts.

Our product range covers the entire industry, from RFID and NFC enabled access and security systems, to conference audio and energy management systems.

Interior solutions provide for in-room multimedia and wireless ambient sound and scenting technology.

Ameya GmbH is always sourcing the best solutions available in the market for their customers. Our customers have come to expect innovative solutions that add value and generate revenue. Thus, differentiating them in an ever increasingly competitive industry.


Ameya remains at the forefront of the industry by virtue of their investment in specialist advisors. Each member of the team has between fifteen to twenty years experience in their chosen field. This wealth of experience has been obtained from working for some of the leading service providers of the industry. Micros Fidelio, Amadeus, Assa Abloy to name a few.

Our software and technical engineers are unrivalled in their ability to provide the highest level of advise and technical solutions. Quality and integrity of service remains at the core of our values forming the basis of our customer relations.

Installation and Programming

A reliable and effective service evidenced by our satisfied clients and honed by working with the highest standard of products
in an international arena. Our globally referenced installations, are carried out in time honored efficency by our highly skilled team of engineers.

Our software and technical engineers are unrivalled in their ability to provide the highest level of advice and technical solutions.

Maintenance, Support and Training

Experience and care are paramount in tailoring maintenance contracts to the requirements of the customer. Where necessary a 24hr hotline or online support, provides further reassurance.

Following the launch of the Brand, Ameya adds further support in the form of staff training seminars and revenue management orientation.