Ambient scenting

Freshly brewed coffee, a piping hot roast dinner, freshly cut grass, soothing eucalyptus on a winters day. As smell is one of the most powerful stimuli known and Scent receptors in the nose connect directly to the part of the brain responsible for memory and emotion. We have learned, that emotion can be communicated by smell. There are suggestions, that smell can influence mood, memory, emotions as well as the immune system.

As the weather becomes colder and windows are closed, the air in circulation becomes denser and viruses and bacteria become prevalent.

Using 100% natural scents the air can be cleaned, and positive mood enhancing aromas can then be released.

Lifting the spirits, by immediately changing the atmosphere, this experience may help to boost your guest's immune system. While at the same time, giving them a sense of well being and comfort in your environment.

Air Aroma

Air Aroma is leading the development of aroma technology around the world. The diverse range of diffuser systems, essential oils and aroma oils provide choice and flexibility in matching and enhancing the mood of any environment at a cost effective price that maintains the integrity and quality of our products.

aromax Aromax

Easily transportable the stylish Aromax is the solution for smaller environments such as reception desks, waiting rooms, but in particular domestic use. The glass nebuliser is meticulously hand blown, so that perfume quality fragrances or 100% essential oils are dispersed into tiny microdroplets of perfect diffusion.

scent Scent

Our essential oil diffusion fragrances are blends of 100% pure essential oils. No dilutions, no carrier oils, and no additives.

Derived from flowers, leaves, bark, wood, fruit peel and plants.

All fragrances conform to the strictest IFRA regulations and are supplied with MSDS sheets.

aroslim Aroslim

With a coverage of 400m³ the Aroslim is the ideal solution for banks, retailers, office and hotel lobbies. With a sleek anodised aluminium body and plug and play functionality. The Aroslim is one of the most sophisticated diffusion systems in the world.

lifestyle Aroscent Lifestyle

Versatility and freedom of choice! an inspiring sent in the morning an uplifting scent after lunch and a relaxing fragrance in the evening.

Choose form up to three different fragrances, simply by using the stylish remote control.

Available as a portable or wall version.

aroscent Aroscent

With a reach of up to 1000m³ the Aroscent range is a great solution for all small to medium sized spaces.

Coming in a great range of colours to suit all interiors.

With a choice of complete portability (Aroscent portable) or a more permanent fixture (Aroscent wall).

aroscentpro Aroscent Pro

The Aroscent Pro diffuses up to three different fragranc1es and is completely controllable from your computer via the Arologic Lan interface.

With adjustable strength, duration, stop and start time you can control both your energy and oil consumption.


Arodrive Premium

The Arodrive premium car freshner come in three 100% essential oil fragrances. Stay alert with "mint focus", unwind with "Floral Relax" or cruise home with "Citrus Joy". Thanks to a sophisticated diffusion technology with a cartridge that plugs into your 12v socket. it is the purest, and natural smelling car airfreshner.
ecoscent Ecoscent

Designed for large areas that require discreet diffusion.

Ideally connected to your HVAC system, it will also increase efficiency by up to 50% (compared to diffusing directly into the air).

Covering areas from 500m³ to 10,000m³, the ecoscent is the best commercial diffuser to date.

coldair Cold air diffusion

Due to the patented "cold-air-diffusion" technology.The quality and even distribution of each fragrance is maintained through out the entire diffusion process. There is no heat or evaporation used. The fragrance is diffused into an ultra-fine dry mist. Allowing for a subtle scent without being overpowering.


Diffuser Range:

  • Home Diffusers
  • Commercial Diffusers
  • Car Diffusers
  • Modern Design

Leading the market in aroma technology innovation, Air Aroma's precision micro-mist diffusion systems utilise cold-air technology to preserve the integrity of essential and aroma oils while maintaining the efficient release of aromas into any sized location. The sleek designs of the diffuser systems also provide adaptability to any décor or environment.

Scent Range:

  • 100% Natural
  • Deodorizing
  • Essential Oils
  • Aroma Oils

Air Aroma's essential oils and aroma oils offer unlimited possibilities. Our in-house team of aroma designers create signature blends and unique recipes to match the environment or brand of any business. Our quality assured 100% pure essential oils offer the additional benefits of anti-bacterial properties to neutralise the air and fight the spread of air-born bacteria.

Signature Scent

International brands and businesses are taking part in the fragrance industry by creating and diffusing signature scents to enhance their brand, Clients around the world, who choose to deliver a total sensory experience range from Disney Land in Tokyo, Fitness First in Australia, Le Meridien Hotel in Monaco and the Lexus showrooms in Japan.

Scenting is highly effective in environments where other sensory triggers, such as the use of lighting, sound and luxurious surroundings combine to create a mood. Where 100% pure essential oils are used, it delivers additional health benefits through the anti-bacterial properties of essential oils.

Ameya will guide you in creating a signature scent, reflecting and reminding your clients of the qualities of your brand. The scent can further be reflected by scenting your marketing material.

Your personalised scent can be packaged and retailed alongside Scented candles, toiletries and spa products.