In room Entertainment systems

Ameya advises on both bespoke and existing in room entertainment systems, developed to provide, entertainment content, enhanced by mood lighting and music, to provide a comfortable and interactive "away from home" experience during a guests stay.

In addition, at reception, a guest may be offered a special essential oil scent to assist with jet lag after a long flight or relaxation for a peaceful nights sleep.

The fragrancing can be started, timed and monitored via LAN at the reception desk without need to disturb the guest.

Small comfort devices such as an inexpensive ipod/iphone hub will be appreciated by businessmen and vacationers alike and require no installation.

Add the latest in-room music solutions which allow guests to listen to different music simultaneously in the bedroom and bathroom, without disturbance, and you are already their favorite destination! For further specific solutions please view the other products under our media menu.

Media hubs / plates

Hotel guests, more then ever before, travel with a multitide of personal electronics items such as laptops, iPods, portable games machines and mobile phones.

The growing expectation now is to simply charge and connect these devises to the hotel television, enabling access to their own music content, movies and games.

Whether staying for business or leisure, guests do not have the luxury of time to understand complex devices, they require a ‘plug and play’ solution, that will enhance the overall experience of their stay. For todays business traveler the ability to connect a laptop is a necessity. It is now often a deciding factor in choosing a hotel.

Media interfaces are therefore, now an integral part of hotel design planning.

Ameya can advise on the best solution for your project and deliver custom made solutions, that can be tailored to your requirements in both design and function.

  • Seamless integration to TV & Audio system
  • Wireless laptop connection
  • MP3 Player
  • Games Consoles
  • HD Connections - PS3/Camcorder
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth

Mirror LCD Screens

To satisfy the ever increasing demand for high technology in hotels, waterproof HD Ready LCD mirror televisions now come in a range of sizes and capabilities.

Anything from 17 (4:3), 19, 26, 32 and 40in widescreen sizes. These complete in-wall, waterproof entertainment screens, feature integrated Freeview digital and analogue tuners, HDMI, component video, S-Video, VGA, and scart inputs, including built in games.

Even though these televisions are installed in steamy rooms – bathrooms, showers, saunas etc, the heated screen will never mist up in humid conditions. They can be operated either by a waterproof remote control a master remote, or a touch panel.

Also available are a new range of IPTV solutions allowing easy installation over already tiled areas.


Todays hotel guests arrive with their own music and video selections stored on their ipod or iphone.

Different solutions are therefore, required to provide for total guest comfort during their stay.

Desk solution
The new Audio/Video Pull through is the most affordable way to allow guests to use their devices through the in-room TV and sound system.

Small and inexpensive, requiring no installation, this solution ensures that the guest does not have to tamper with the television to look for a port.

Bedside Solutions
Other stand alone solutions, include Ipod docking stations custom designed with materials such as wood to fit into alpine hotels and other classically designed European establishments.
Built in MP3/Ipod terminals that fit into the headboard or bedside of the guest bed.

InBuilt / In Wall
There are a number of high quality in wall solutions that provide for discrete music and sound for larger areas such as Spas and fitness rooms.


Music servers

Store, navigate and play CDs and Internet Radio by genre, album or artist, all at the touch of a button.

The MusicServer is an easy to use, one box ‘audio library’, providing instant access to all music, categorised and organised accordingly. For complete convenience, it can be controlled at the touch of a button, from anywhere in the building.

Add separate audio outputs, which allows users to simultaneously and independently hear their own selections, plus the ability to listen, via its built-in Internet Radio, to stations from all around the world and the Server becomes the simplest solution to custom install multi-room music delivery.

An invaluable solution for bars, lobbies and lounges streamlining both operations and costs and delivering twenty four hour ambient music.