Nothing transforms an environment and creates a pleasing ambiance for guests, like intelligent lighting!

Using the ever increasingly sophisticated technology and energy efficient LED solutions.

Lighting can now transform a place into a warm, cool or ever evolving space.

What ever mood maybe required for specific events, our lighting solutions especially combined with an evocative scent to lift the spirits will achieve it.

Evo System

The Evo system is a patented, award winning, indoor mount solution.

Lying just 4 inches away from the wall. The system is the only one of its kind that can be reduced and expanded in size and made up of any configuration and material such as wood veneer or even glass.

It is also the only proven solution to the problem of sound transference and cable management. Thus allowing a change in LCD screen and repairs to be undertaken within a very short time."

Please view the following for more information Ameya Evo.pdf




Experience audio without boundaries, our weather- resistant wireless speaker allows enjoyment of rich multidirectional stereo sound through out your garden, terrace or even your yacht.

With broadcast range of up to 350 feet, this powerful speaker receives transmissions through walls, floors and ceilings without need for wires.

  • Delivers unmatched premium audio quality
  • Connect your MP3 player, IPod, computer and even your TV
  • Conveniently located controls
  • Portable – ready to take anywhere
  • Blue lighting illuminates the wireless outdoor speaker for extra ambiance at night
  • Setup is simple and straightforward


Digital Art

"The skill required to choose the correct piece of Art, that truly reflects the brand and qualities of an establishment, is in itself an art "

Ameya prides itself on working with the best artists within their field. In the new technological age of High definition art for instance, miraculous images of nature can suddenly emerge before your eyes. Masterpieces can slowly materialize in front of you, mesmerizing your guests and transporting them to a serene and tranquil place.

The challenge to those providing hospitality, is to create a welcoming environment, that has an immediate and positive effect on ones frame of mind. Preferably, one that remains with them through out their stay and encourages their wish to return.

Allow Ameya to demonstrate, how talent and technology, once paired, can transform your environment and raise the profile of your enterprise overnight.

Working with our exclusive partners, we can provide invaluable creations that inspire and enhance, both traditional and modern environments with signature pieces, reflecting the unique qualities of your brand.

Bespoke interior design

In an ever competitive industry, our bespoke designers oblige all clients and budgets with equal commitment and quality of design.

Bringing an idealist approach, to when necessary, fusing old world European Classicism with a breath of modern, thus creating a timeless elegance.

Ameya specializes in these and other projects that sometimes require a range of facilities to be present, within a restrictive space, without compromising on guest experience.

Cleverly designed, patented products are woven seamlessly into the guest room environment revealing a lively, interactive, and luxurious stay.