The Smartshop is a revolutionary new automated sales solution which is revolutionising the retail market.

Using robotic technology, the Smartshop allows for 24hr product availability, capturing the trend for instant consumer gratification.

The Patented technology gives the opportunity for retailing of both delicate and sophisticated products.

The Smartshop is currently in demand by the following businesses wishing to streamline their costs whilst still delivering a high end retail service to their guests and customers.

  • Hotels
  • Ski Resorts
  • Spas
  • Car Service stations
  • Shopping malls

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Automated minibars

Ameya offers specialist advice on computerized, automated and semi- automated minibars.

Minibar service programs tailored individually to each hotel, including outsourcing solutions.

Business models using the latest technology to support sustainability, in an attempt to reduce carbon footprints combine with models for effective revenue streams.

Electronic products routinely forgotten by guests, such as adaptors and phone chargers, can be branded with your hotel's logo and made available via your in room minibar.

AkrBar Minibar

The Arkbar minibar range has an A rating from Hogast on energy consumption.

Subject to numbers we can customize any minibar to reflect the style of your hotel, including glass etched doors with hotel logo."

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