Time and attendance management

Operating a time an attendance modular application provides you with real time information about presence and absence for all your employees, regardless of the complexity of your organizational structure, or number of employees, or locations your company might have.

The benefits include among others, absence management, multiple site management, not to mention the saving of wasted hours on scheduling and time calculations.

"Planning resources is a key to business success"


Access control

The software maintains the common database that contains data about users, badges, access points and clockings. It provides the application framework for accommodating other add-on software modules.

Naturally, AC provides basic access control functions and maintains personal access profiles i.e. information "who may enter where and when".

It allows the user to survey and manipulate all data from the common database, including door events and work time clockings.

Access Control also includes simple attendance calculation. together with time an attendance management it is key to a streamlined working enviroment.

Biometric ID

Biometric identification is fast becoming a widely used solution. It brings several important benefits:

  • Privacy and convenience
  • Elimination of risk from lost or stolen cards or keys.
  • Identity fraud prevention
  • With 4G fingerprint readers, water-resistant (WTRM), that now work in previouslyinoperable environments and the latest in facial recognition technology, you are prepared to maintain and ensure an environment that is safe, secure and controlled.

Intelligent video surveillance

An advanced software module offers a high level of integration between access control and video surveillance with the use of web cameras.

Web cameras (network camera, webcam) are becoming an increasingly popular and affordable general purpose video surveillance solution.

As a pure "network appliance" they have a number of advantages, such as built in web access and broadcast capability, remote administration, autonomous operation and ease of integration.

The main advantage is, however, that webcam works as a streaming web server, so that pictures (or video) can be acquired in real-time, on demand.


Our state of the art approach to design and function allows for maximum security for personal property

Specialist solutions for controlled environments include among others:

  • Ski lockers
  • Pin code lockers
  • Proximity lockers
  • Biometric controlled lockers

RFID Spa/Resort access control

The admission of clients to selected areas of a Spa or Resort, based on entitlement needs to be managed very carefully.

Their ID, entitling them to stay "where" , "when" and for how long can, using a clever combination of software and physical access control, be achieved with a minimum of staff supervision.

Thus allowing your clients the privacy and freedom they desire.

Proximity wristbands/key cards and similar solutions allow for:

  • Contactless entrance to selected areas
  • Wristband retraction turnstiles
  • Convenient cashless vending.
  • POS software integration registering consumption bar, restaurant and shops
  • Integration with the electronic locking system
  • Integration with individual client lockers

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